Naoya Sugimoto


Creating good interface.

Where I am






HTML5,CSS3 and Javascript playground

jsdoit codepen

Let's view demoes.HTML5,CSS3 and Javascript inspire my imagination.

Chrome Extensions

No Xvideos

Stop watching Xvideos.You're redirected to the new page when you watch Xvideos.

Embed Screen Jump Code for YouTube

You can add start point to Youtube embed code.


Rikunavi is Japanese recruit portal site.You can put Google Calendar button on Rikunavi.

YouTube Grayscale Filter

You can watch Youtube via grayscale filter.


In Facebook,you can replace "Like!" to "Shirangana!"."Shirangana" means "So What?" in English.

Web Service

ES Draft

No LOGIN,No INSTALL.It is simple editor.You can quickly edit your Entry Sheet in Japanese job hunting.Charater counter makes you happy.If you click load button,you can edit previous document again by using Web Storage.

Simple Rikunavi Intern 2015

Very simple Rikunavi suggest.You can use incremental search.

Maintaining Web Page

Honda Tsubasa Viewer

Honda Tsubasa is Japanese actress.I like her.If you think her photo is cute(kawaii),let's push cute button.

Free Magazine "CREW"

This site is my free magazine circle page.

Yuuki Maeda

He is a my friend and designer.


Work Experience


NTT Communications Corporation,Fujitsu Limited,Yahoo! JAPAN


Faculty of Science and Engineering,Doshisha University

Honors / Achievements

Scrap Challenge for security by mixi

First Prize.This is Web security contest.Students check vulnerable system which has XSS.

Foreign Language Skills

English:TOEIC score 790 (May 201333)

Computer Skills

Languages: HTML,CSS,Javascript,C,Ruby,Python Platforms: Windows, Macintosh,Linux